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Discovering the underwater world has been an amazing experience for me and once I became comfortable as a diver I wanted to capture in photos the beautiful tropical underwater images and ocean animals I was seeing. Once I acquired an underwater camera, I really got excited when I saw the first ocean animals and particularly the Caribbean sea turtles pictures I had seen in the Cayman islands many years ago. In this gallery you will see pictures of ocean animals and tropical underwater images in some of the most exciting underwater regions in the world. Bonaire (one of the Netherlands Antilles) remains one of the most approachable yet beautiful dive destination in the Caribbean and it is where I took my best Caribbean sea turtles pictures, Seahorse pictures and other favorite tropical underwater images. St Vincent (one of the Windward Islands in the South Eastern Caribbean) is one of those rare, little known dive destinations that's become the “critter” (as in small animal) capital of the Caribbean as well as a place where I shot some more Caribbean sea turtles pictures! The Pacific Ocean, however, remains for me the most exciting, rich and diverse dive destination! I love Fiji (the country and its people as well as the underwater world) and the islands of Micronesia: Palau, Truk (Chuuk), Yap and Pohnpei.

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Long Hair Sea Horse, Klein Bonaire, Netherland AntillesFlamingo Tongue, Little CaymanBicycle in Hold of Kiyozumi Maru, Chuuk (Truk), MicronesiaArrow Crab, Air Force Tower, SW Gulf of Mexico, FloridaGreen Sea Turtle at "German Channel" Dive Site, Palau, MicronesiaLarge Barrel Sponges and Sea Plumes, St Vincent, CaribbeanJellyfish Lake, Palau, MicronesiaCoral Crab, Bonaire, Netherland AntillesLarge Seafan at Ngemelis Wall, Palau, MicronesiaCowfish, Bonaire, Netherland AntillesPederson Cleaner Shrimp with Eggs, St Vincent, CaribbeanTube Coral at Night, St John, USVI, CaribbeanNeck Crab, St Vincent, CaribbeanMagnificent Urchin, St Vincent, CaribbeanClownfish in Anemone, FijiStar Coral Feeding at Night, St John, USVI, CaribbeanBanded Coral Shrimp, St Vincent, CaribbeanPurple Mouth Moray, St Vincent, CaribbeanLionfish, Dry Tortugas, S. FloridaStareye Hermit Crab, St Vincent. Caribbean