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I have a passion for Nature and I love to shoot nature photos on my worldwide travels. Nature is so varied and surprising, I never tire of trying to capture its beauty through photography, be it sunset pictures over mountains, scenery landscape pictures, butterflies, birds, flowers or Marine life.
I have hiked in many places and when I lived in New York state I loved to hike in Harriman State Park. I took many scenery landscape pictures and sunset pictures over mountains in the park, in all seasons. Nature photos are one of the things that really excite me as a photographer. In this gallery you will see scenery landscape pictures of Frederick Sound and the Inside Passage of Alaska and sunset pictures over mountains and the ocean.

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Acacia Tree at Sunset, Masai Mara Reserve, KenyaMorning Fog in the Serengeti, TanzaniaPhotos of Eagles, AlaskaFlorida LandscapesFlorida LandscapesFlorida LandscapesMarco Island AerialFlorida LandscapesFlorida LandscapesFlorida LandscapesFlorida LandscapesFlorida NatureFall Colors at Lake Kanawauke, Harriman State Park, New YorkColorful Orange Tube Coral at Night, St John, USVIChistmas Tree Worms on Star Coral, Bonaire, Netherland AntillesAmerican Copper ButterflyCoral Crab, Bonaire, Netherland AntillesGulls Landing on Iceberg, Tracy Arms Fjord, AlaskaGreat Blue Heron, Fakahatchee Strand, EvergladesHecale Butterfly, Butterfly World, Coconut Creek, Florida