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We all know Greece as the land of antiquity, ancient sites and amazing architecture that still wows us today – who hasn’t heard and seen pictures of the Acropolis? For history lovers Greece impresses with its historical sites and glorious past. But Greece is much more than history and architecture. For someone who loves Nature, Greece offers stunning physical beauty, landscapes and panoramas with few equals in the world. The best of these are easy to find in the Greek Islands. It’s hard to travel in the Greek islands without wanting to stop every few minutes to photograph a scene of beauty. The Greek people are very hospitable, friendly and tolerant of visitors, even those wielding cameras and tripods. In this gallery you will find my favorite photos from trips to three amazing islands: Crete, Santorini and Mykonos.

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Sunset on Oia, SantoriniView from Oia, SantoriniBright Doorway, Oia, SantoriniPink Cloud at Sunset on Oia, SantoriniBell Tower and view of the Caldera, Oia, SantoriniOld Courtyard, Oia, SantoriniBlue Dome and Bell Tower, Imerovigli, SantoriniBright Sunset on Oia, SantoriniEarly Evening Light, Oia, SantoriniRainbow and Rain Cloud over Oia, SantoriniView of Fira, SantoriniRowboat in Hora Harbor , MykonosBouzouki Musician, Hora, MykonosBouzouki Musician, Hora, MykonosBouzouki Musician, Hora, MykonosChurch near Ano Mera, MykonosFisherman Mending Net, Hora Harbor, MykonosSunset over Hora Harbor, MykonosBright Flowers in Mykonos AlleyFishing Boats and Reflection, Hora Harbor, Mykonos