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The Everglades and Mangrove islands of the Gulf offer unique opportunities to capture the diversity and natural beauty of the landscapes and wildlife of South Florida. The marine life of the Gulf is fascinating. I love to capture the scenery of the Everglades and to take Alligator pictures and real Dolphin pictures (as opposed to Dolphins in captivity). In the Florida: Wildlife gallery you will see some of my favorites: Real Dolphin pictures and Alligator pictures. In the Big Cypress and Fakahatchee Strand preserves, alligators and wading birds hunt for food side by side. I often hike to a water hole “owned” by a large female alligator that raises her babies and juveniles in that hole and fiercely defends her territory, not allowing adult male alligators to even come close. It is rare to take a boat or kayak ride in the Gulf of Mexico without encountering Dolphins in their habitat: Feeding or frolicking they are splendid animals, astonishing in their strength, speed and intelligence. You will see my real Dolphin pictures in this gallery.

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Sunrise on Caxambas Pass, Marco IslandPlayful Dolphins in the Gulf of MexicoBurrowing Owl, Marco IslandLarge female Alligator in Fakahatchee Strand, EvergladesTiny Fiddler Crab, Tigertail Beach, Marco IslandHibiscus Flower, Useppa IslandBaby Alligator Sunning Itself, Fakahatchee Strand, EvergladesBald Eagle, Marco IslandPlayful Dolphin off Useppa IslandJuvenile Alligator in Fakahatchee Strand, EvergladesBuckeye Butterfly, Big Cypress National Preserve, EvergladesCooter Turtle, Old Miami to Naples Trail, EvergladesSilhouette of Jumping Dolphin at Sunset, Gulf of MexicoStartled Little Green Heron and Baby Alligator, EvergladesFlock of Ibis, Turner River Road, EvergladesAnhinga, Big Cypress National Preserve, EvergladesWhite Pelicans and Great Egret, Cape RomanoPlayful Dolphins off Useppa IslandStorm over Caxambas Pass, Marco IslandSaw Palmetto, Old Miami to Naples trail, Everglades