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I have fallen in love with the visual beauty, diversity and abundance of Florida’s landscapes and animal life. Exploring (mostly lugging my camera equipment on long hikes and on boats) the Southern part of the state and in particular the Everglades and the Mangrove islands of the Gulf, I seek to capture the diversity and unique natural beauty of the area and find the birdlife of the Everglades and the marine life of the Gulf fascinating. I particularly enjoy taking Great Blue Heron photographs. In the Florida: Birds gallery you will see some of my favorites: A Great Egret gobbling down a fish, Cormorans at sunset and many other wading birds such as Blue and Green Herons, Reddish Egrets, Roseated Spoonbills and Great Blue Heron photographs. Raptors are abundant in Southwest Florida and I have observed and photographed Ospreys extensively. It’s really fascinating to watch them and to document their behavior through photos, particularly the spirited defense of their nests, teaching their babies to fly and parent's relentless search for fish to bring to the nest to feed their chicks. Many other raptors inhabit the Everglades, including Bald Eagles, Hawks and Vultures. I have shot some of my best Great Blue Heron photographs and other wading bird pictures there.

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Blue Heron in Breeding Plumage in FlightBlue Herons Building a Nest, Venice Rookery, FLBlue Herons Building a Nest, Venice RookeryLittle Green heron, Turner River, FLPelican, Tigertail Beach, FLBlue Heron in Flight, Venice RookeryGreat Egret in Breeding Plumage, Venice RookeryBreeding Great Egrets, Venice Rookery (Heronry)Burrowing Owls, Marco Island, FLRoseated Spoonbill, SW Florida EvergladesRoseated Spoonbill, SW Florida EvergladesBlue Heron in FlightGreat Blue Heron, Fakahatchee Strand, EvergladesGreat Egret in Breeding Plumage, Venice Rookery (Heronry)Roseated Spoonbills and Flock of Ibis at Sunset, Rookery BayBrown Pelican Head, Everglades CityGreat Blue Heron Chicks, Venice Rookery (Heronry)Great Egret Swallowing Fish, Tigertail Beach, Marco IslandBald Eagle Chick Learning to Fly, Kice IslandBald Eagle Chick Learning to Fly, Kice Island