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Block Island is a refuge to a number of species, plants and animals, that are endangered elsewhere. Spring and summer bring out thousands of flowers, migrating birds and the little amphibians that inhabit the wetlands. Songbirds return from their winter habitats in Central and South America and nocturnal animals make themselves known through a cacophony of sounds. Bushes such as Shad are in bloom and create spots of white all over the island. The island's fresh water turtles move about and can be seen on rocks around the islands thousands of ponds.

I published a book of my best Block Island photographs and you might like to take a look! Titled "Block Island, One of the Last Great Places" the book captures the natural beauty that makes Block Island such a special place. To order, go to
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Gerard Closset
White Waterlily in Pond by "Painted Rock"Greenway Trail near Beacon Hill RoadDune RosesDune Roses on Fence near the BeachGreenway Trail near Beacon Hill RoadGrasshopper on HydrangeaAmerican Copper butterfly on a DaisyMonarch ButterflyMultiflora RoseRing-Necked PheasantStonewall on the "Greenway" TrailNature's Fury: Hurricane Irene at Old HarborNature's Fury: Hurricane Irene on Ballard BeachSeaweed (Irish Moss and Brown Rockweed) on Black Rock BeachHiking Trail in the MazeBlock Island Stonewall