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Block Island, Rhode Island, is a jewel of an island, located near the Rhode Island coastline and the tip of Long Island. Designated "One of the 12 last great places in the Western Hemisphere” by the Nature Conservancy, its inland scenery reminds one of Scotland: green-rolling hills crisscrossed with stonewalls. Block Island is a beautiful and relaxing haven, a throwback to an earlier era when life was simpler and slower paced. Photo opportunities abound: bluffs and stone walls old houses of diverse styles. A sizable portion of the island has been preserved and can be hiked in a system of trails called the "Greenway". While hiking I love to capture my photographic impressions of the island, something I have been doing for many years.

I published a book of my best Block Island photographs and you might like to take a look! Titled "Block Island, One of the Last Great Places" the book captures the natural beauty that makes Block Island such a special place. To order, go to

or contact me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!
Gerard Closset

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The North LightSunset on the West SideThe Glass OnionSurf Hotel after a StormStone Wall and Trees in the Fog (B&W)Leaning Old Barn on a Country LaneStonewall and Westside Baptist ChurchWest Side LandscapeSullivan House Porch and New Harbor at SunsetSullivan House at SunsetSpring House AnnexSpring House HotelThe North LightRed Fence in Howling Nor'easter Snow StormFull Moon over the Southeast LighthouseSoutheast Lighthouse at SunsetTree and Stone Wall in the FogFall on the West SideToy Sailboats in the WindowMitchell Farm