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East Africa: Big Cats

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Created 10-Aug-20
Modified 10-Aug-20

Africa: Birds

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Created 22-Jul-09
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Africa: Masai

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Created 3-Aug-10
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Africa: Wildlife

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Created 25-Jul-14
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Block Island: The Land

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Created 16-Jul-23
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Block Island: The Land

Block Island: The Shore and the Sea

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Created 20-Aug-19
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Block Island from Above - Aerial Photography

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Created 4-Jul-20
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Block Island from Above - Aerial Photography

Block Island: Nature

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Created 21-Jan-12
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Block Island: Race Week 2013

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Created 30-Sep-13
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Florida: Birds

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Created 16-Mar-19
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Florida: Wildlife

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Florida: Wildlife

Greek Islands

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Created 11-Nov-10
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Sequences and Motion

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Created 5-Feb-14
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Underwater: Caribbean and Micronesia

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Created 21-Jan-13
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Underwater: Indonesia

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Created 6-Mar-16
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Bali: People and Landscapes

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Created 10-Mar-13
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Brazil Pantanal

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Created 8-Aug-23
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Guestbook for All Photographs
Kathryn O'Gould(non-registered)
Exquisite photographs…you are a gifted artist of extraordinary talent! Nice visual gifts to the world!
marilyn bailis(non-registered)
I have viewed many of them before and just looked at them again. They are AWESOME! If possible, I might like to use a few as inspiration for paintings. (Rainbow and Rain Cloud) (Bright Flowers in Mykonos Alley) (Blue Doorway in Crete) I did not know how to print a copy from your site.

Are you in FL? Look forward to seeing you.
Jacqueline Closset(non-registered)
Is like the fourth time I enter to your website and each time I feel more proud to be your niece,
you are a true artist. I love you so much!
Sue Johnson, Shipps Neighbor(non-registered)
I'm so proud to call you "friend" and love your new website. Also honored to have been with you when you took a few of these wonderful photos. Fist bump to you!!!!
cousin ellen(non-registered)
you are awesome awesome awesome! These are extraordinary photos. Didn't know you went to Africa...
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