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The Masai Mara and Samburu Game Reserves and the Nakuru National Park in Kenya are amazing places for shooting wildlife photos of Africa. There, you can get close to African wild animals while sharing their habitat. These reserves are among the few places on earth where one can observe large predators and capture tropical pictures of animals in the wild.
In the “Africa – Animals” gallery you will find other African wild animals: Elephants, Hippos on the Mara River, Masai and Reticulated giraffes, Zebra, monkeys, Wildebeests, Rhinos and many other tropical pictures of animals.

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Masai Giraffe and Approaching Storm, Masai MaraGerenuks in Typical Feeding Pose, SamburuCape Buffalo and Cattle Egrets, Lake NakuruBaby Elephant in the Shade of Its Mother, SamburuHerd of Elephants Crossing the Uwaso Nyiro River, SamburuOld Cape Buffalo and Buffalo Weavers, Masai MaraBull Elephant in Defensive Pose, Masai MaraColobus Monkey and YoungHerd of Elephants Crossing the Uwaso Nyiro River, SamburuGiraffes Drinking in the Uwaso Nyiro River, SamburuAdult Vervet Monkey Grooming a Young One, SamburuReticulated Giraffe and Acacia Tree, SamburuMasai Giraffes Necking, Masai MaraZebras in the Masai MaraZebra and Lilac-breasted Roller, Masai MaraYellow-beaked stork Landing Next to Nile Crocodiles, Masai MaraOld Elephant Eating Grass, Masai MaraJuvenile Jackals in the Masai MaraBaby Zebra in the Masai MaraWhite Rhinos and Yellow-beaked Storks, Lake Nakuru