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The Masai Mara is a photographer’s dream for shooting photos of Masai warriors. In the “Africa – The Masai People” gallery, you will find photos of Masai warriors and Masai tribesmen in their village, performing ceremonial dances and going about their daily chores. They wear bright cloth, with a lot of red, and the effect is visually stunning. The photos of the Masai warriors show young men singing a haunting, repetitive chant and jumping with great energy. The women are even more colorful and demonstrate some of their skills, including building the family hut and selling woodcarvings and jewelry.

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Masai Herders at Sunrise"Reluctant Bride" Displaying Traditional Wedding Attire and BeadworkMasai Men and Woman Displaying Traditional Wedding AttireCollecting Blood for the Traditional Milk/Blood Masai FoodChanting Masai Women in Colorful AttireMasai Woman Repairs Hut's Roof with Cow DungMasai Warriors Performing Traditional Welcoming DanceYoung Masai Girl Standing in Hut's EntranceProud Young Masai WarriorChanting Masai Woman Displaying BeadworkMasai Woman Selling Artwork at Village MarketMasai Woman in Colorful DressMasai Woman in Colorful Dress and BeadworkChanting Masai WomenShy Young Boy in Hut's DoorwayYoung Masai Boy Holding LambMasai Warrior Tending Village CowsMasai Warrior with Male Lion's Mane HeaddressOld Masai Woman and Crying Young BoyChanting Masai Warriors