Gerard Closset | Africa: Birds

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Kenya has an extraordinary variety and abundance of wildlife, both African wild animals and birds. The variety of birds is amazing: there are at least 1300 species! They are very colorful, many unique to East Africa and I have tried to capture many of my favorites in the “Africa – Birds” gallery. The vast number and species of Eagles are amazing and birds such as the Lilac-breasted Roller and the Secretary bird make Kenya a birder’s paradise!

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Colorful Lilac-breasted Roller, Masai MaraGrey-Crowned Crane Displaying its Wings, Masai MaraMartial Eagle Taking Off in the SamburuSecretary Bird in its Nest at Sunset in the Masai MaraFlock of Flamingoes at Lake NakuruColorful Little Bee-eater, Masai MaraSecretary Bird Looking for Prey in the Masai Mara"Flamingoes in the Clouds" in Lake NakuruColorful Grey-Crowned Cranes in the Masai MaraFlight of Flamingoes at Lake NakuruHelmeted Guineafowl in the Masai MaraMarabou Stork in the Masai MaraPink Plumage on Yellow-billed Stork, Lake NakuruBlack-chested Snake Eagle in the Masai MaraSecretary Bird Searching for Prey in the Masai MaraVerreaux's Eagle Owl, Masai MaraSaddle-billed Stork in the Masai MaraVulturine Guineafowl in the SamburuWhite-browed Coucal, Masai Mara PreserveColorful Yellow-billed Hornbill, Samburu